If you are in America, you will surely love baseball. Basketball is very popular sports but baseball is also a popular one. But it was not being played in different countries even if they are known. They have other games that they focus and that they love them. One citizen from Germany said he also wants to see a live performance of the baseball players. There are countries who just be entertained and know about the game through the television and other media like radio broadcasting and the internet.

You will find it being played in many countries but a national league does not exist. They just play where they want and it is only played locally or per cities but they do not have a national team that would represent their country for international games like the Olympics But surely many people know how they are played but they may now know it as Americans know them. That is because they just see it as a game that one has to score to win.

There are fun things in between those and how it could be done. If you live in America then you know the things that would reveal that you are a fan. You know many things about it and you had also tried playing it. You also have your own bat and ball and you know trivia of the players and the game. You will talk about the techniques or the bloopers as who is the funniest ones.